What do you mean by Parallel Processing? - CPU

What do you mean by Parallel Processing?

It is a type of processing in which the CPU divides the problem into two parts. It works as-

- Each part is sent to separate processors.

- Each processor has its own memory. They individually solve the given problems and return the result.

- The CPU assembles the results and hence, the problem is solved.

Some computers operate in terms of teraflops or trillions of floating-point instructions per second.
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  • RE: What are the types of secondary storage devices-CPU -charles nyambare (11/20/14)
  • Magnetic storage devices-stores bits of data as magnetic spots,usually portable.
    Examples are the floppy disk,hard disk,hard drives etc.

    Optical storage devices-stores bits as bytes and lands on a surface of disk can be dedicated by a lesser bin.
    Examples are the visual compact disk(VCD),digital versatile disk(DVD).