What do you mean by the term "security analyst"?

Can you please explain the term “security analyst”?

We can see the positive effects of the economic growth and liberalization on the capital markets in India. These effects are there to be seen in all the markets but capital market is the prominent market out of all. More and more people tend to invest in the capital or stock markets when it is on a high. Now, the investors decide as to which securities to buy or hold or sell or they might take the expert advice of a stockbroker. The stockbroker in turn utilizes the expertise of the research department of the research department which is present internally within the firm. This group of experts involved in such a research are called as securities analysts or market analysts. The basic day to day work of a security analyst is to research and evaluate companies, find out their profitability, look for indications of growth and expansion, project the company’s future earnings and on the basis of their observations, make recommendations to clients on which securities to buy or sell.

Securities research is a part of financial services industry and securities analysts are called as research analysts, market analysts, and financial analysts or simply as analysts. If you are interested in this field then you should have a strong sense of purpose. And you should be able enough to handle heavy work load, prioritize and complete work under strict deadlines. You should be a team player and should have the knowledge about the new technology and development that are there in this field. There are new challenges everyday and it’s an interesting job and to top it all it’s worth the effort too as you get well paid for the job.
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