What do you understand by system clock? What is System Unit? - CPU

What do you understand by system clock?

Some of the characteristics of the system clock are as follows:

- The system clock is used to produce a specific pulse at a fixed rate of time.

- The machine cycle of a system can be completed in a single or multiple clock pulses.

- A single program instruction could be multiple instructions for the cpu.

- Any central processing unit has a predefined set of instructions also known as the instruction set. These are the instructions that it can process and understand.

- The clock speeds are nowadays measures in Ghz. 1ghz = 1000 mhz.

What is System Unit?

It is an enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer system such as the Motherboard and other Storage devices.

- Motherboard: It is a Flat circuit board that holds the computer circuitry.

- Storage devices: These devices are used for long term storage of memory. Some of them are- hard drive, diskette, DVD_ROM, etc.
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