What does a career in Disaster Management entail?

What does a career in Disaster Management entail?

• Disaster Management is a field of study dealing with all kinds of disasters, how to control and prevent them.

• Its main objective is to reduce the effects of a disaster on the community affected and help them to return to normalcy.

• It covers areas like:
- monitoring,
- evaluation,
- search and rescue,
- relief,
- reconstruction
- rehabilitation operations

• It requires planning before and after disasters.

• It requires timely warnings and effective and efficient responses.

• It is nearly impossible to avoid natural disasters but the disaster management team can resist the after effects of this disaster.

• The techniques for Disaster management depends and varies according to a country’s economy.

• The course is based for social workers.

• The government in India has included disaster management as a program to study.

• Many government and non-government organizations need emergency management professionals to work for the betterment of society.

• It is a fairly paid industry and in spite of all the risk, disaster management is one of the careers that give mental satisfaction to those who wants to serve the society.
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