What does a career in Environmental Science entail?

What does a career in Environmental Science entail?

• The field is a discipline of science which studies the various elements of the environment and how various factors influence it.

• The field covers:
o Climate change
o Conservation of energy
o Biodiversity
o Ground water
o Contamination of soil
o Technologies which are developed to treat pollution

• The study of environment incorporates social sciences for understanding various relationships, perceptions and the policies.

• You can work as,
o Environmental scientists
o Environmental educationist
o Environmental engineers
o Environmental biologist
o Environmental modellers
o Environmental journalists
o Environmental technologists

• A professional in this field studies the atmosphere of the earth.

• They study various subjects ranging from pollution control to natural resource management.

• The major task to find various ways to improve and conserve the environment.

• They also study the various disciplines to protect the resources.

• They also do research to develop techniques to control pollution.

• The field has been divided as:
o Environmental Chemistry
o Ecology
o Geosciences
o Atmospheric Science
o Environmental Assessment
o Environmental Microbiology
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