What does a career in Home science entail?

What does a career in Home science entail?

Home science is a field of study which is a combination of both art and science.

It draws upon the studies of disciplines such as:
• Chemistry
• Physics
• Physiology
• Biology
• Hygiene
• Economics
• Rural development
• Child development
• Sociology
• Art
• Food
• Nutrition
• Clothing
• Home management

Its basic aim is to develop an individual’s basic knowledge, attitudes, values and skills which makes him/her become a well-adjusted member of the family.
A career in home science is best suited for today’s modern woman with good knowledge regarding arts, home décor and housekeeping.

You can specialize in the following five streams:

• Food and nutrition
• Resource management
• Human development
• Fabric and apparel science
• Communication
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