What does a career in Robotics mean?

What does a career in Robotics entail?

• It is a field which roots itself to the disciplines of engineering and is concerned with the construction of robots, for faster and efficient information processing and analysis.

• It is one of the fastest growing disciplines and has very widespread applications.

• It is a sub-field of the following studies:
- Mechanical Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Computer engineering
- Computer Science

• It involves the designing of robots and applying it to information processes.

• The professionals working in this field are known as robotic engineers.

• They perform the following activities:
- Design robots
- Maintenance
- Develop new applications
- Conduct research

• A robot has to be customized to the need of each application.

• The field widely uses two systems for developing robots:
- Computer-aided design and drafting(CADD)
- Computer-aided manufacturing(CAM)

• Robots are used in those areas where the conditions are not suitable for humans.

• It is an artificial agent which is guided by computer programming.

• The various types of robots are:
- Robotic manipulators
- Robotic hands
- Mobile roots
- Walking robots
- Tele-robots
- Micro-electromechanical systems
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