What does a career in surveying mean?

What does a career in surveying mean?

• A study of measuring the position and angles of the surface of the earth is known as surveying.

• The field is responsible for the making of globes and various maps.

• A person pursuing this field is known as a surveyor.

• A surveyor is mainly responsible for measuring the exact locations and distances from point A to Point B.

• Various disciplines are used to accomplish this:
- geometry
- engineering
- trigonometry
- mathematics
- physics
- law

• A surveyor has an exciting job prospect, as he has the privilege of travelling the world.

• A survey can be done on any part of the earth surface like air, water, sea and land.

• The field can be subdivided into :
- Land Surveying
- Hydrographic Surveying
- Cadastral Surveying
- Mine Surveying
- Building & Quantity Surveying
- Valuation Surveying

• A surveyor is responsible for making accurate indications.

• A surveyor also has the responsibility of measuring and recording the exact layouts to assist the making of maps, graphs etc.

• Based on the surveyors' findings, architects, engineers, and drafters decide on the most economical use of the land.

• Surveyors have to work indoors in offices, as well as outdoors and that too enduring all types of weather.

• Traveling is sometimes part of the job, and land surveyors and technicians may commute long distances, stay away from home overnight, or temporarily relocate near a survey site.

• Surveyors work indoors while planning surveys, searching court records for deed information, analyzing data and preparing reports and maps.
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