What does a PRO do?

I have become a PRO and want to know the various tasks that I would be required to do during my tenure.

PRO or Public Relation Officers is a very reputed and prestigious post. They are basically the image editor for any organisation or an individual. Public Relation officers have to work within and outside the organisation. As a PRO, within an organisation you are required to maintain the conduct by looking into various concerns such as, employee meets, to inform organisations policies, activities and accomplishments. Outside the organisation, you have to be the liaison with the government departments, trade unions, press etc. whose co-operation is required for smooth functioning, and also have to manage complaints from the customers, organise events like fairs, exhibitions, etc. Their work involves keeping management aware of public attitudes and concerns of the many groups and organisations with which they must deal. They are required to write, research, prepare materials, maintain contacts, and respond to inquiries.

Another important area of work in this field is to create public identity or an image for public figures like political parties, models and film stars. This generally includes advising them on every aspect of their personality, starting from dress code, behaviour, public appearances to the statement given in the press, etc. it basically requires them to fulfil the special interest of groups they represent like a company, industry, government, etc. Using various strategies to raise public consciousness and influencing policy makers in the areas like environment, human rights, education, etc are some vital features of a public relation officer.
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