What does a rehab therapist really do?

What does a rehab therapist really do?

-They help people recover from a wide range of surgeries, injuries and illnesses.
-Trained rehab professionals in Physical Therapy and Speech Pathology work with patients to restore their best state.
-A rehabilitation therapy has been proven to provide significant benefits to patients with medical conditions like:

* Joint replacements
* Arthritis
* Strokes
* Amputation
* Open Wounds

-It consists of the following professions:

* Occupational Therapy
* Physical Therapy
* Rehabilitation Counselling
* Recreation Therapy
* Speech Therapy
* Respiratory Therapy

What are the duties of a Rehabilitation Therapist?

-Examining history of patients
-Developing treatment plans
-Treating individuals with various disabilities
-Helping individuals achieve independence
-Modifying client’s workplace to suit their disability
-Testing a patient’s balance, coordination, performance, respiration and strength.
-Exercising patients who have been immobalized.
-Massaging patients to improve circulation and reduce pain.
-Using electrical simulation
-Working with healthcare professionals
-Helping patients produce speech sounds clearly
-Diagnosing speech and language disorders.
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