What does a Sommelier do?

What does a Sommelier do? Why should I take up a profession of a Sommelier/Wine Taster? How do I become an expert in this profession?

A Sommeliers performs various duties:

-Pairing wines with food
-Maintaining and updating extensive wine lists
-Recommending wine based on customer's preference.
-Maintaining a wine inventory, ordering wine, and checking in shipments
-Negotiating purchase prices on wine and determining restaurant and retail prices/profit margins
-Keeping up with wine and food trends and industry developments
-Educating people about wines.

You should take up this profession because,

-By taking up a profession of a sommelier, you are able to earn money in a fun way and also satisfy your inner self.
-You can also take it up as a home based business.

To become an expert in this profession you can follow the given steps:

-You can get professional degrees from an education centre which offers you a professional wine tasting programme. By doing this you would be given certificates as a graduate.
-You can also join an academy related to wine and food.
-Take mentorship from an expert.
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