What does a Video Jockey (VJ) do?

What is the main job of a Video Jockey (VJ) as I am interested in this particular field?

Due to the emergence of various music channels on TV, Video Jockeying is becoming an exciting career option, only if you are a music lover as our new generation is a music addicted one. The main job of a Video Jockey is to introduce music videos and host music related shows on Television. But as the competition increases, music channels are on the trend of incorporating many diverse shows to attract the public, especially the youth of our country. So, this is clearly understood now that the Video Jockey’s area of work involves apart from introducing videos; hosting game to travel shows to youth forums, chatting with the public, doing interviews with artists and music celebrities etc.

In short and simple terms we can put it this way that, Video Jockey’s act as intermediary figures between the audience and the musicians or music videos. If you are interested in becoming a Video Jockey then you might also be involved in off-camera work like deciding on the theme and choosing the songs to suit the theme of the show. You may also be involved in participating in promotional campaign like road shows, attending theme parties and with experience, even writing script for the show at times. VJs must constantly keep up-to-date on the latest trends in music, all the latest videos and information about music stars and other celebrities.

As a Video Jockey, you need to take upon a more journalistic role. You should also have a well-rounded knowledge of all types of music and also should be informed about a bit of everything from films to politics to travel whatever the theme of the show demands. You must be able to answer any queries about music and must fulfill their roles as experts. As a VJ you will be interacting with the viewers through telephone, email or fax. There are basically three fields in Jockeying, which are Video Jockey (VJ), Radio Jockey (RJ) and Disc Jockey (DJ). So, you can choose but Video Jockey is an exciting and interesting field.
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