What does a yoga trainer do?

What is the nature of work a yoga trainer does?

Yoga trainer is a very viable career option these days and if trends are to be believed, the jobs in this field are going to increase manifold. The best part of the job is that the trainer keeps on discovering his/her own intellect and his/her own creative spirits while accomplishing the responsibilities of the job. Following are the types of yoga that a trainer can get his hands on:

- Spiritual yoga
- Power yoga and yoga exercises for physical fitness
- Corporate yoga and stress relieving yoga
- Workshops and seminars on yoga
- Yoga for kids
- Yoga for students (Memory boosting exercises)
- Yoga therapy
- Yoga for old age and seniors
- Yoga for couples
- Corporate Yoga (for corporate to withstand the pressures which result as a part of their job)
- Human Anatomy and physiology

All these yoga forms play the utmost role of relieving stress and anxiety but a trainer is well equipped with the knowledge about the type of yoga which should be practiced under certain circumstances.
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