What is 2D and 3D? - Graphics

What is 2D and 3D?


- 2D is used to create flat digital images.

- X and Y horizontal and vertical axis are used in 2D.

- 2D graphics are used for printing and drawing applications.

- 2D graphics are vector based graphics.


- 3D graphics represents 3 dimensional representations of geometric data, such as length, breadth and depth.

- 3D graphics falls into 3 categories:

1. 3D modeling – the process of forming computer model of an object.
2. Layout and Animation – movement and placing and object in a scene are known as layout and animation.
3. 3D rendering – computer calculations that are based on light placement, surface types generate an image.
7. What is the difference between vector and raster graphics?

Raster Graphics:

- Raster graphics are composed of pixels.

- Raster graphic is an array of multicolor pixels those form an image.

- Raster graphic blocks images because each pixel increases the size of the image.

Vector Graphics:

- Vector graphics are generated with paths.

- Every path comprises of lines that may be straight or curved.

- Vector graphics can be scaled without losing the image quality.
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