What is a Dairy Technology course? Is it a growing field?

Please tell me what is a Dairy Technology course?

Dairy technology is a discipline of science that deals with the study of production, processing and management of areas related to milk and milk production. This study starts before the production of milk which includes breeding of high yielding milk producing cattleā€™s to their feeding and management. After that the course studies obtaining and processing of milk and production of milk products. The quality control, nutrition and biochemistry of milk and its related products is also studied. This field also includes experimenting with the effect of various feeds and environment on the production of milk and milk products.

Is Dairy technology a growing field?

Among one of the top rankers in the milk production, India has ample opportunities in both dairy development and employment growth. It not only enhances the earning power of those who are engaged in the production and distribution of milk and milk products, but also offer improved remuneration to those who are employed in this industry. As the global dairy market is growing every day, the demand of quality milk and milk products is also increasing and thus the professionals who are working in this industry have to supply the quality and fresh products in this continuously and ever demanding sector. India in itself is the biggest job market for those engaged in this industry, as the experienced and expert professionals can reach up to the rural market and can also serve the urban areas as well.
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