What is an update in terms of SAP system? Explain.

In the SAP system, a business process is mapped using an SAP transaction that can contain several screen changes. Data changes effected by this process are supposed to be executed completely or not at all in the database. The update system offers increased security, performance and restorability in the execution of database changes. The updating system is a technology which allows SAP transactions to off-load time-intensive database changes.

To increase performance further, application developers can configure different types of updates :

• Time-critical, primary V1 updates. They are relevant to objects that have a controlling function in the system, such as a change to the material stock or an order creation.

• Non-time critical, secondary V2 updates that depends on the V1 updates. These are purely statistical updates such as the calculation of results.

• Non-time critical updates that are allowed and processes at a later point of time (collective run).

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