What is Biomedical Engineering? What is its scope?

What is Biomedical Engineering? What is its scope?
The field of Biomedical Engineering combines knowledge of Electronics, Mechanical, Chemical and Materials-Engineering, with the fields of life sciences namely Medicine, Biology and Molecular Biology. It is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes with diagnostics or therapeutic approach.
It effectively fills the gap between the field of medicine and engineering. Applying engineering principles for effective solutions for the field of Diagnostic Medicine and Therapy. Designing machines, testing equipment, monitoring equipment, etc. is an essential part of Bio-medical Engineering.
Hospitals, Clinics, Research Facilities, or Medical Colleges can rarely function without medical equipment. Bio-Medical engineers are also required in all medical clinics and hospitals for updating, routine checks and breakdown maintenance.

A Bio-Medical Engineer has to:
• Conceptualize
• Design
• Implement
• Do Acceptance Testing
• Design Maintenance Plan
• Do Risk Analysis
• Design Routine Calibration Benchmarks
• Design Preventive Maintenance Plan
• Plan Maintaining Inventory of spare parts

This includes modifying the existing equipment, software development, networking etc. If you are interested in the research field, even then Bio-Medical Engineering is really good option because your task is to invent medical equipment that are flexible, reliable and simple to use.
Biomedical engineers also design and deliver technology to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

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