What is education management?

What is education management?

-It is a field of study related to academics and includes a group of professionals like principals, teachers and other education related professionals.
-It is also known as education administration.
-It is also applicable outside the field of academics, like government agencies and other private corporations.
-Commonly associated with elementary and secondary schools as well as institutes related to higher learnings.
-Professionals in this field also work in various government agencies, private companies and other non-profit organizations.
-You can take up the role of a policy maker, researcher or a consultant.

What do education administrators do?

-They direct the day to day activities of various elementary and secondary schools and colleges and other institutions.
-They are also responsible in the running of various businesses, job training organizations and other institutions having an educational component.
-They help in a student’s development and achievement.
-This field includes professionals like:

* Principals
* Assistant principals
* Higher education administrators

-Excluded in this profession are:

* School superintendents
* College and university presidents
* Administrators who operate at the chief executive level
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