What is Footwear Technology? Is it related to Leather Technology?

What is Footwear Technology?

Footwear Technology deals with every iota of the footwears. It works upon designing of footwears to the study of the materials to be used, anatomy of the footwears and different types of footwears. The world has become increasingly and apparently fashion conscious. It has lately become one of the most lucrative career options because of the significant rise in the demand and the choice of the footwears. Many international players have come into picture. Footwears have also created a niche for themselves in the import and the export market of the nation. Footwear technology also studies raw materials such as plastic, canvas, fabric, leather, rubber as an integral part of its curriculum.

Is Leather Technology a part of Footwear Technology?

Leather Technology is a specialised technological field. Though Leather technology is also a sub domain of footwear technology and vice versa (footwear technology is also a sub domain of leather technology) it is entirely a different discipline of study. This is because, besides footwear, leather is also the main constituent of majority of products such as musical instruments such as Tabla, Drums, Mridang and Dholak; toys, key chains, watches, luggage and bags, belts, jackets, gloves, upholstery and other garments. With places like Kanpur, which is the major hub of the leather industries in the country, India is one of the leading leather providers in the global market.

Leather technology mainly involve the following activities: cutting of leather, stitching, padding, pasting, polishing, bottom piece making. It deals with processing of leather to finished leather products and their designing, production and marketing of the finished goods.
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