What is Marine Engineering? Is it related to sailing or naval architecture?

I have no clue about what marine engineering is. Is it related to sailing or naval architecture?

Our land is covered in majority by water, and this very fact gives birth to marine engineering which is very exciting and challenging field for the people who are passionate about sea and are willing to work with various instruments. Majority of the countries are dependent on ships as they use sea for import and export, transportation of numerous goods. So anything related to ships and navigation comes under Marine engineering. So we can define marine engineering in a simplified way by saying that it is a branch of engineering that deals with naval architecture and science. This field is basically related to research that is being conducted in oceans and coastal or inland waters connected to sea. It deals with construction and maintenance of ships and other sailing vessels. A marine engineer has the complete responsibility of the ship’s technical management. They select a ship’s machinery, starting from diesel engines, steam turbines, gas turbines, and are responsible for the design of mechanical, electrical, fluid and control systems throughout the vessel. The core work of a marine engineer is to deal with the construction, operation and maintenance of the engine room. They also deal with the technical area of the ship. They ensure the safety and standards of the marine body. And it is not related to naval architecture and please don’t confuse it with marine engineering as it can be interlinked very easily.

The basic educational qualification needed to become a marine engineer is a four year BE degree in marine engineering. This is a career that offers vast job opportunities including off-shores jobs and the most attractive part is its huge salary package and NRI status. There are various courses that are offered in many Indian and foreign institutes. The demand for marine engineers in public and private shipping companies has risen out of the rooftop with the increase in international global sea traffic.
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