What is more important for High School students - academic performance or sports?

What is more important for High School students - academic performance or sports?

Do you think the schools should sacrifice the sports class for academic subjects for High School children?


Education or academics is an important part of a student’s life. That is the reason why we go to school and college; to get an education. While we are at school or college, we take part in extra and co curricular activities for all round development of our mind and body. However, sports and other activities do play an important role in a student’s life and career.

Sports or academics?

It is unfair to sacrifice sports classes for academics. Several times towards the end of term or nearing the examination teachers ‘borrow’ the weekly sports classes in order to complete portions, and for revision. This is unfair on the students. They are under pressure of the examination; it is wrong to deny them a little time for sports. In most schools, sports and games are only an hour or two each week. Teachers ought not to use these classes for their subjects.

Some people argue that students who participate in sports spend more time on sports than on their academics. This is detrimental to the student’s academics and career. They say that not every student who participates in sports at the school level will become a professional sportsperson. So by concentrating on sports at the cost of academics will eventually ruin a student’s future. However, this does not mean a student should completely give up on sports.

It is important to balance studies and schoolwork with other activities. It is quite possible to carry on sports along with academics, as long as the student learns to strike a healthy balance between the two. The following tips can help a student in maintaining studies and sports:

• Plan your day well. As you need to practice your sport and study, be prepared for a longer day, and lesser leisure time. Make a detailed timetable with specific time slots for every activity, and stick to it. Allot two subjects per day of the week, so that you can spend at least two hours per subject.

• Whenever you get some free time, use it well. Make sure you don’t dawdle and waste time.

• Make sure your homework and assignments are up to date. As far as possible, try to finish it on the same day, otherwise it will pile up.

• Take some time off once a week, say Sunday, and spend a few hours doing your favorite activity; like reading, gardening, spending time with family and friends, and pets etc.


It is absolutely possible for a student to juggle sports and academics. Many students who are actively involved in sports are good at their studies. There is absolutely no need to sacrifice their interests for studies, as long as they can set their priorities right, and manage both well.
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