What is my scope in Optometry?

What is my scope in Optometry?

There are a number of options available in this field:

-Practice independently
-Assist hospitals/clinics
-Practice at optical establishments
-Have excellent job opportunities abroad
-Offer other services to various multinationals an establishments dealing in this field.

What is the need for Optometrists in India?

-The estimated number of Optometrists in India is 10,000.
-The count for,

* Qualified Optometrists -2000
* Ophthalmic surgeons – 10,000
* Ophthalmic Assistants-4,000

-The ratio of qualified eye specialists is very low as compared to patients.
-At least 20000 qualified optometrists are needed.
-At present, the industry is absorbing whomsoever they find qualified.
-Ophthalmic hospitals require well qualified optometrists to assist them in routine work.
-The paying capabilities of these establishments is also very substantial.
-This science is developing at a very fast pace.
-MNC’s have a great demand for these qualified professionals.
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