What is Nanotechnology and various opportunities in this field?

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology deals with the study of minute objects. It is the branch of science which includes subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and technology. Using this technology you can find opportunities in various fields like bioscience, medical science, environment, electronics, cosmetics, security and many more. The two major categories of nanotechnology are nanoscale technology and molecular manufacturing. The nanoscale technology involves the study of small structures and is used for making stronger materials, better medicines, faster computers and so on. Through Molecular manufacturing we can build mechanical and chemical manufacturing systems that join the molecules together. Through this technology people continuously generates new products and new markets. One of the major problems faced by this industry is that of skilled professionals.

I would like to know the various opportunities in the field of Nanotechnology?

The work of nanotechnologist mainly involves working at the nanometer level. This industry offers many opportunities for creating novel products or any product with the measurement at or below 100 nanometers (or 0.1 of a micrometer). All such products which possesses such a characteristic or that involves some manipulation falls under the category of nanotechnology. It also include paints with nanoparticles, medicines coated drugs, foodstuffs, clothing, packaging and new materials for aerospace and automotives.
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