What is Rush Order?

Rush orders are sales document types that are used in the sales from plant process or for when the customer needs to pick up their goods immediately from the warehouse.
In the rush order sales document type, the immediate delivery switch and delivery type LF are configured. When you create the billing documents, the system prints the invoice papers and sends them to the customer.
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  • RE: What is Rush Order? -Abhinay (08/22/12)
  • Rush Order is a sales document type for a quick oder placement. Rush Order will immedietly followed by a Billing Document but not the Transfer Order bc'oz the customer will pick the order immedietly. So the Delivery and Invoice will be immedietly after Order (RO).
  • RE: What is Rush Order? -Sachin Karale (08/21/12)
  • In Rush order (RO), sales order and billing doc are creater at the same time.No Delivery is required, as customer picks up material thereitself ( Or Delivery can be custmozied as immediately). sales doc type, Shipping condition,Delivery type customized accordingly. And Invoice is sent at customer side at later stage. Whereas in cash sales( CS doc ), same as above and invoice printout is also given at the same time.