What is Siddha Medicine?

I would like to pursue graduation in Siddha Medicine and would like to know more about it?

Siddha medicine is one of the oldest practiced medicines in India. The system is old and provide good amount of varieties in their medicinal practice. Siddhas were practitioner and doctors of medicine, having great amount of knowledge of anatomy and chemistry. They were involved in travel and knowing varieties of medicines that are present in external world. Siddhas were the men with philosophical interests as they used to write their own manuscripts of the works that used to be written in secret code or language. Siddha medicine is famous due to its creator who always believed in providing best medicinal values as well as curing medicines. Siddha medicine provides a way to health living and practicing the ayurvedic system of the medicine.

Why Siddha medicine is famous for its medicinal values? Why is Tridosha used for the treatment purpose?

Siddhas used metals and minerals in their medicine to treat the disease and to understand further the reaction of the medicines on human body. The systems of Siddhas are closely related to Ayurveda and having the values similar to traditional medicines. The treatment is done on the basis of three element theory or also known as Tridosha.
Tridosha includes:

- Three humors are Vatha which is also called as Air, Pitta which is also called as bile and Kapha which is also termed as phlegm. These balances the elements in an individual and without it individual can’t exist. Unbalancing of this will cause diseases in the body.

- Siddha is having numerous medicines that are prescribed to balance the imbalances taken place in the body. Siddha uses signs and symptoms of diseases to understand the disease and then by understanding the nature of the disease the above parameters help Siddhas to diagnose those. Siddha uses certain factors namely touch, tongue, color, sense, speech, eyes, face and urine of the body to understand the disease better and diagnosing the same.
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