What is Statistics? What is the job of a statistician?

I am curious to know more about statistics as a branch and as a career option. Could you please shed some light on a career of a statistician?

Before we go deep into details it is important to know where does statistics evolve from. Statistics is a branch of mathematics that basically deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data. Collection, verification, interpretation of data and using the same data to solve various problems in a variety of fields is what statisticians do. The necessity of statisticians is there in every field right from government offices to international sporting events. This particular job has an impact on each one of us. There are various different fields that come under statistics, such as, crime statistics, census statistics, ecological statistics, medical statistics, statistics on job-seekers, on education, film statistics, cricket statistics, oil statistics, market statistics, accident statistics, labour statistics, population statistics, election statistics, district-city-state statistics, tourism statistics etc. You require an analytical brain and excellent comprehensive skills to interpret the numerical data with accuracy and be able to explain the number game to the common public and how it can be useful to them.

The main job of a statistician is to study real life problems in a broad range of areas like biology, economics, engineering, medicine, physics, sociology and psychology. And they make use of various methods like questionnaires, surveys and diagnostics test to study these real life problems. It is very important for a statistician to collect the data from a reliable source and make full use of the scientific methods and statistical tools to evaluate it before publishing it in the form of charts, tables etc. These publications help them find a solution to the problem at hand.
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