What is the basic work that is expected from an Investment Manager?

If I choose to be an investment manager then what is the basic work that is expected from me.

An investment manager specialises in insertion of money in various instruments in order to accomplish predetermined goals. They are present in each and every multinational corporation in India as well as abroad. Their basic work involves them to give their expertise advice to corporations in mergers and acquisitions. Investment managers are also known as fund managers. In truth, their work is more or less equivalent as that of the finance managers and they are basically responsible for the company’s investment in the market, meaning that they control the inflow and outflow of cash. They have the additional responsibility of determining the best means of investing material and financial resources in order to make profit, through proper forecasting and planning. The development of new business/attaining all the required goals of the firms that they are working in are the primary responsibility of an investment manager. They achieve the predetermined goals by analysing clients’ financial situation and by recommending the best method of raising funds, structures transactions by making cliental presentations.

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