What is the career prospect for HRM in India?

What is the career prospect for HRM in India?

Excellent employment opportunities exist for HR aspirants. Every company whether big or small has an HR department, a special team that hires the best talent for them. They play a vital role from the point you are appear for the interview till you take exit from the company. They are involved in recruitment, placement, induction, training and development, promotion, performance appraisal, employee’s overall welfare and at last employees exit. Their work is all about workforce management and that’s the reason they are in great demand in private firms and in multinational companies.

Jobs for HRM can be found in Hotels, Airlines, Food and Beverage Industries, Construction and Engineering companies, Export – Import Houses, IT firms, Medical and Healthcare, hospitals, Banks, NGos, Media, educational institutes and also in governmental organisations.

These days’ universities and colleges offer placement assistance to their students so you can grab a good job offer through your college also. For this you must do a thorough research about the college and the training programme they are offer. In addition to that you must knowtheir placement record in the past few years and also try and find out what all companies visit the campus for placement drives.

Another area of job opportunity for HRM is HR consultants, are also in great demand they basically outsource people from one country to another as per the job requirements and also act as career guides to students who are not sure about the career prospects ahead.

Also one can work in consultancies which provide placement opportunities to people looking for jobs in MNCs and private sector firms.
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