What is the control structure used by Pascal?

What is the control structure used by Pascal?

- Pascal uses structure programming language to display the flow of control in an structured manner.

- It uses the goto statement/command as standard statements that allow the control to be given to the main program in a recursive manner.

- It provides more easy way to represent them without using the semicolon to end the statements written in one line.

- It uses loops as a control structure to represent the statements and uses assignment operators to assign the values to the variables.

- The example of it is as follows:

while (a <> b) do WriteLn('Waiting');
if (a > b) then WriteLn('Condition met')
else WriteLn('Condition not met');
for i := 1 to 10 do
WriteLn('Iteration: ', i);
a := a + 1
until (a = 10);
case i of
0 : Write('zero');
1 : Write('one');
2 : Write('two');
else begin Write('?'); exit; end
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