What is the difference between Symbol and String? - Ruby on Rails

What is the difference between Symbol and String?

-The symbol in Ruby on rails act the same way as the string but the difference is in their behaviors that are opposite to each other.

-The difference remains in the object_id, memory and process time for both of them when used together at one time.

-Strings are considered as mutable objects. Whereas, symbols, belongs to the category of immutable.

-Strings objects are mutable so that it takes only the assignments to change the object information. Whereas, information of, immutable objects gets overwritten.

-String objects are written like
p: “string object jack”.object_id #=>2250 or
p: “string object jack”.to_sym.object_id #=> 2260, and
p: “string object jack”. to_s_object_id #=> 2270

-Symbols are used to show the values for the actions like equality or non-equality to test the symbols faster then the string values.
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