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What is the difference between the RDF and XML?

- XML is used to provide the strict hierarchy depending upon the requirement and the usage of the users, whereas RDF provides a way to set the loose relations and it has very flexible hierarchy concept.

- XML provides an easy control over the content that needs to be used in the XML schemas, whereas RDF uses the seamless technology to integrate the information on the web.

- XML is not the ideal process to integrate the heterogeneous information on the web, whereas RDF is being recommended for such operations and methods.

- XML is not based on vocabularies, and doesn’t consist of the semantics like RDFS or OWL, whereas RDF defines the inference to the data definition and uploading of it.

- XML provide the vocabularies, through which easy applications can be developed and the use of GRDDL is used for this purpose, whereas RDF uses the language as XSLT that merges the pre-existing XML formats.
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