What is the difference between Turbo and standard Pascal?

What is the difference between Turbo and standard Pascal?

- The Turbo Pascal uses dynamic variables and pointers to show the standard procedures like new, mark and release. Whereas, standard Pascal doesn’t use dynamic variables and uses procedures like new and dispose.

- Turbo Pascal is more efficient, faster and doesn’t require the support code that offers the compatibility factor. Whereas, Standard Pascal doesn’t, accept the record specifications for their standard procedures.

- Turbo Pascal is using the local variables that are handled in the recursion phase and it also passes the recursive calls to others. Whereas, Standard Pascal doesn’t, make use of recursion for their subprograms.

- Turbo Pascal doesn’t use the Get and Put methods but instead of that there is a use of Read and write procedures that extend the functionality of the I/O methods. Whereas, it supports the use of get and put methods.

- Turbo Pascal doesn’t implement the standard page procedure as the operating system doesn’t define the form-feed character.
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