What is the eligibility criteria to get admitted to an audio engineering course?

What is the minimum requirement or eligibility criteria to get admitted to an audio engineering course?

The minimum requirement for audio engineers is to have a degree or diploma in audiography, sound recording, sound engineering and audio engineering. There is no specific educational qualification as such which is required for training in this field. But if someone is opting for a post graduate course in audio engineering then they should have a bachelor’s degree. Basic knowledge in physics and mathematics comes handy as students equipped with it will be at an advantage over others, as audio engineers require a lot of calculations such as reverberations of the room, calculating delay time etc. But the best understanding can only be developed by practical training.

Moreover, people who have a background in electrical engineering and fine arts can also opt for a career in the field of audio engineering. They should be professional in handling various instruments such as mixing consoles and microphones. Signal processors, tape machines, digital audio workstations, music sequencers, speakers, preamplifiers are some of the other equipments used by an audio engineer. It is advisable to students who want to deal with more complex equipment, to have a postsecondary training, which is available from technical schools. One can also gain good real world knowledge through internships with recording studios or electronic firms.
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