What is the job profile of a tax consultant?

If I choose tax consultant as my career then I want to know what the job profile will be like.

Ans. Career in taxation is a very critical job but with it comes lot of incentives. A career in this profile invites you to be a progressive, innovative team member of a high-quality, professional organisation. Tax consultants are those experts who are well aware of the different forms of taxes and use their knowledge in order to advice people of companies about tax returns. Giving suggestions and handy advice on how to deal with various aspects of dealing with taxes is a job of a tax consultant. To opt for a tax consultant job profile you have to undergo the taxation related courses that are there and should also gain some work experience in the field of taxation, then only you can achieve your goal. To sum it all up, we can say that the main goal of any tax consultant should be to make maximum use of all the knowledge and technical skills for the betterment of the client/company they are employed in.
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