What is the right time to get into the field of PR?

What is the right time for me to get into this field? And is it a right field for me?

Public relation is a very complex field and a challenging one too. Thus, if you are planning to join a course in public relations, you must be prepared with list of colleges and the choice of course, content these colleges offer. Knowledge of all the courses and contents are very important before choosing this field as your whole career depends totally on it. Just for your information, it is advisable that you select colleges that offer various courses in Mass Communication as these are the colleges that facilitate co-ordination with popular media professionals as well and this will impact your future growth in a very good way.

You should start early if you want to go far in this field. After finishing with school, you may straight away apply for a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and then apply for a master’s degree in public relations. There is another option that you can opt for, i.e. if you don’t want to do a bachelor’s degree in this field then you can do you do your graduation in any stream and then you could pursue post graduation in public relations. There are various institutes that offer diploma courses in PR, which you may consider applying for, as well. Just to give a heads up, some of the best institutes for studying PR include Xavier Institute of Mass Communication, Mumbai, Symbiosis School, Pune and Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

Now if you want to know if the career that you have chosen is a right one for you or not, then understand how good are your communication skills, and whether you have interest in this field or have a passion for media relate tasks and events. If you are a keen reader and follow everyday new closely, then PR or even a mass communication degree would be the right choice for you. But, you should always remember that, if your interest lies in technical subjects such as computer science or finance and accounting then you should try and pursue those rather than going for this field. So, the final onus is on you for choosing a path that you want to walk on to.
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