What is the scope for research in agricultural engineering abroad?

Is there a scope for research in agricultural engineering? I am really interested to know if I can do my research abroad.

There is a huge increase in production and productivity due to the new research that is being carried out. Climate change, the phenomenon of irregular rainfall and fluctuation in temperature affect agriculture sector to a major extent and this requires research. In India it is recognised that there is a lot of scope for agricultural research which is also included in the curriculum by various research institutes. It is recently seen that there are many student exchange programmes that are being encouraged by various agricultural universities to get deeper insight from other countries too. This helps our research to be more modified and recent and more up to date with the global research that is been happening.
There are many examples of institutes in India and abroad where research is practiced religiously. International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) situated at Hyderabad is a very good example of an international research organisation in our country. It has also been witnessed that the scope for strengthening education and research ties with institutes majorly in US and some other European countries is very high.
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