What is the work profile of private investigators?

I have heard a lot of the private investigators, can you please tell me their work profile as I am really interested in this profile.

As it is shown in various movies and TV serials, detective is a man who does all the investigation and helps law enforcement personnel in catching up to people who are criminals. Similarly, the work of a detective is related to fact-finding, which involves probing, investigation and knowledge of techniques such as finger-printing, photography and tracking a lead. This works in a very simple way, a client discusses the case with the detective and all the details are recorded to aid the investigation. All these things are kept confidential and anonymous. Private detectives in today’s time have started making use of the advancement in technology. Knowledge of forensics in such cases is really important. A detective is hired to provide information related to – domestic problems: divorce problems, child custody, unnatural deaths, etc. Property disputes: matters relating to the ownership of property and wills. Industrial surveillance: credentials of potential employees, cases of theft and fraud involving executives passing on industrial patent to the rival organisations. Corporate intelligence: information about any organisation, breach of code of conduct or trademarks and copyrights, submission of tenders, pirating goods, verification of a loan applicant or a prospective employee, etc. These are various profiles that are related to a detective and one can enter either one of these depending upon their interest and skills.
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  • RE: What is the work profile of private investigators? -Rajesh Agarwal (08/30/14)
  • There are different profiles of the private investigators. But the one who works in the corporate sector earns the most to my knowledge. Companies need different types of skill sets to perform private investigations. The certification programs like Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals play a crucial role in the private investigations as they understand the financials and businesses need the private investigators to primarily collect the financial information about competitors or the potential investee companies. These certifications are truely value addition for the Indian students