What is Yemen political crisis?

What is Yemen political crisis?

coup d'état in Yemen

- Unrest began on 18 August 2014 as a series of Houthi demonstrations in Sana'a against increased fuel prices.

- On 21 September, Houthis took control of Sana'a, after which Prime Minister Basindawa resigned and the Houthis signed a deal for a new unified government with other political parties.

- On 20 January 2015, when Houthis forces captured the presidential palace and besieged and shelled the private residence of President Hadi

- On 22 January, Hadi and his government resigned en masse.

Who are Houthis?

- The Houthis are minority Shia from the north.

- There are chances of civil war between Shia Houthis and Sunni southern leaders which threatens country into separation of south that existed before 1990 which basic policy of Saudi Arabian foreign policy.

What are the implications of coup in global perspective?

- Strategic location – Gulf of Aden and entrance to the Red Sea and its proximity to saudi Arabia, a top oil exporter country

- Al- Qaeda base at Yemen - Houthis might join hand with US against Al- Qaeda but Al- Qaeda may find larger support from Sunnis

- Increased influence of Iran – may sectarian and political tensions in the region as it is seen by Saudi Arabia as challenge from its arch -rival Iran
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