What is your greatest achievement?

What is your greatest achievement?

The underlying agenda is to know what personal qualities were required to achieve it. Don’t go back too far to answer this question as this might give an impression that you have not achieved anything since then.

Find a relevant answer in the recent past for this question. If you are a fresher and have been a topper of your college or university, you can say that during the interview.
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  • RE: What is your greatest achievement? -Farhana Afreen (09/22/15)
  • Your competence in the job matters to the interviewer and he would like to know how well you have been doing in your previous employment. He cannot directly ask you questions like, "how good are you at what we expect you to be doing in this job"? Indirectly you are asked to sum up your competence at work.

    Your greatest achievement at work can be anything that helped you in taking a step ahead at career. That which led to the big opening in your career or which you consider was the achievement that got you ascending the scale of success or towards your dream job is your biggest achievement till date. It will vary depending on your job profile and you need to make sure that you are ready to answer questions that can follow this answer like, "how did you achieve it or to what you owe your achievement?"

    In any case, do not bluff. The interviewers' panel comprises some really skilled people at catching your off guards. If you think you haven't achieved anything big yet in your career, it is absolutely fine to tell them so in a positive away, of course. Here's an example:

    "I don't think I have already achieved something that large in my small span of career yet but I have my hopes high and I believe that after being a part of your company, I surely will have a line of achievements to my name. However, I do cherish what life offers me so till date I can count some small achievements that brought good turns to my career.