What is zoology? What work does a zoologist do?

What is zoology?

Zoology is a branch of science that involves the study of animals and their kingdom. It is a very vast subject that involves the study and the classification of every animal that are present on earth.
- It is related with the experiments and inquiry about the animal life.
- The study of zoology also includes the study of structure, physiology, development and classification of animals.
- It relates us with the genetics of animals including marine life, zoo animals, wildlife, domestic animals and even household pets.
- It deals with species who have become extinct as well as those species that may or may not exist.
- It involves the study of all kinds of animals from Protozoa to Mammalians.

What work does a zoologist do?

A zoologist is a person who studies animals and their behavior. As a zoologist you should have love for animals and should be patient in the field. You will be required to spend good quality time in the field in different type of locations and environment. Observing and studying animals is not the only work done by a zoologist but they also have to spend time in writing research articles and report. They develop and test new drugs. Their hard work has improved agricultural crops, livestock and has conserved endangered habitats and species. They develop policies and enforce regulations for government agencies.
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