What makes you angry?

What makes you angry?

Avoid giving any specific reason for you getting angry. Say that it's a general tendency of a human being and you are no exception. You do get angry but you don't go out of control.
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  • RE: What makes you angry? -Farhana Afreen (07/06/15)
  • This question is intended to check how you respond to tricky questions, quite like testing your patience actually. The interviewer asked what makes you angry but he actually seeks to know how much you have it in you to control your temper and be polite even when your patience is put to test. Do not start making a list of bad people, circumstances, hypocricy, gossiping or any bad activity in general that boils out your temper. At work, differences occur all the time. You may find people and their behaviour annoying yet you have to keep your calm and mind your business unless they interfere in yours. Moreover, anger is a weakness and the triggering agent need not be revealed at all.

    Focus on trying to convey how you keep your calm even when the situation makes you frustrated because losing temper is really not the solution and it might even create more problem than what already exists.

    "I mostly stay calm even in situations that are not so pleasant, especially at work where I believe that losing calm can only prove to be counterproductive and harm my professional repute. I do get annoyed and frustrated at times but in all these years I have learnt to channel it in the right direction. Problems can only be solved when people are willing to hear and talk about it which is not possible when employees get angry."