What problems have you faced during HRP? Explain trend analysis with example.

What problems have you faced during HRP?

•Accuracy: It is not possible to track the current and future manpower correctly and converting them into meaningful resource for future prospect. Because projecting manpower needs for future may be risky.

•HRP mostly focus on quantitative aspects (Number of employees required in future), it does not concentrate on quality side like: training, motivation and career aspect of the employee.

What do you mean by trend analysis, any example?

•It is the process of forecasting future manpower requirement by examining the past trends. For example- in a manufacturing plant in 2004-05 they were producing 10000 unit of XXXX product with the help of 100 workers. Now they planned to expand the production to 15000 unit of XXXX product in 2005-06 year. We can calculate by trend that number of workers required would be 150. So they need to hire 50 more workers.
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