What should be taught: Doing Good or Not to Do Any Evil?

What should be taught: Doing Good or Not to Do Any Evil?

Parents of today stay in dilemma as to what to teach their children about good or bad? Some parents want their children to be good and go ahead and help the world. On the other, there is a group who wants their children to be a good human being just by refraining themselves by not doing any wrong. There is a thin line between doing good things and not doing any evil deeds. So, what would you like to teach your children?

Doing Good

• When you teach children to do good things they go ahead and help others. The words are converted into actions.

• When the children are taught to do good things, they get the courage to give up their selfish motives for other benefits.

• Doing some form of good makes sure that the world is becoming a much better to live in. It is said a small step taken in right direction is the start of big change.

• Doing good things brings satisfaction and happiness to the people and they understand the suffering of others better.

• When people step out of the home to do good things they understand that they are at a much better place as compared to others in their life.

Not do evil

• People can still remain good when they are not doing good things for others. At least they are not doing any harm to others.

• Sometimes when people go ahead and try to do good for others they are in turn blamed to make the things worse.

• The present world is a selfish world where everyone is busy fulfilling their life's objectives. So, it is ok if you are fulfilling your own needs without doing any harm to others.

• The competition is getting intense in present world and if you will go ahead to do some good for other, you can push yourself back in the cat race.

• The world is full of cunning people who just look out for a chance to entangle a good person in some wrong case. So, it is better to stick to our own work rather than doing well for others.


In today’s world it is ok if people don’t want to do any good for others. They can be good human beings by just sticking to their own deeds that don’t make any harm to others. However, by refraining themselves from doing any good, they won’t contribute anything to the society. They will not do any harm but they will not be the person who can create a change in the society. So, it is better to have some courage and always do some good things whenever possible to make the world a better place to live in.
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  • RE: What should be taught: Doing Good or Not to Do Any Evil? -Deepa Kaushik (07/19/14)
  • Teaching to be good, itself refrains from doing any evil. It is very much appreciable to teach doing good. This would be a good act to promote positive spirit in to the coming generations. The future India can be bright and clear with the ideas of performing and promoting good.

    When we think over teaching for not doing any evil, it is again a no profit, no loss notion. The child though may not come upfront with the helping tendency, but would definitely not harm anyone. If every child will refrain from doing evil, then the wrong doings will itself cut down drastically and the world will emerge from the bad virtues.

    Analysing a bit more, we need the survival of the fittest to withstand the present world. The person who does only good might fall back very quickly and the shorter span of such good people will set as an incorrect example for many others. On the other side, if the present generation just gets away from the bad virtues, then their ability might be better to withstand this harsh world. Hence, it would be wise to teach ‘not to do any evil’.