What should schools impart - learning or teaching?

What should schools impart – learning or teaching?


Teacher’s Day 2014 turned to be way too unique with the PM’s address to the students throughout with his own style of extempore. PM Modi has beautified the teaching profession by boosting up the students to uptake the teaching as profession and spread their wings worldwide to share their knowledge. He also asked the students to get into the stream of teaching which is the noble profession of creating the sculpture out of the clay. After PM’s to the point speech, school management is made to think wisely whether they should educate the students and make them learn or should they incorporate the art of teaching.


- Not every student has the same abilities. Every child has their own IQ and grasping power. Students should be emphasized to learn the subjects so that they can have their own choice.

- Learning is an ability and teaching is an art. Ability is acquired, but talent is inborn. We cannot impose the art of teaching on anyone.

- Learning itself makes the students realize the mannerism and requirement of teaching. Schools should be having an open door for students from all groups viz age, intellect, economic status, talent, aptitude etc.

- One should have the knowledge of the subject to teach, and knowledge comes by learning.

- Learning and implementing the same in the practical life makes the human beings more civilised.

- If schools impart only teaching to the students, then it means converting every student to a teacher. This would create imbalance in the manpower in other industries.


- Teachers are like the mason who build up the structures, so are the teachers who carve the students to a complete entity. Schools need to impart teaching to build up this nation with immense knowledge.

- Schools imparting teaching will help in increasing the literacy rate. The mottos like ‘Each one, teach one’ could be effectively implemented with more teachers into the field.

- If schools give teaching, the children would be knowledgeable enough to grasp the things and will also help to make others learn the utilities of life.

- A student needs to be well-verse with the subject to teach. So the learning becomes the part of teaching.

- To learn means ‘to take in’, and to teach means ‘to give’. One nees to have knowledge to give. More knowledge giving hands in our country would make our nation have a upper hand over others in all aspects of life.


Learning and teaching go hand in hand. A students learns things so that he can teach them to those who lack knowledge of the same. Learning imparts knowledge of all the streams. The student need to imbibe the task of learning so as to have the know-how of all the spheres of life. Teaching on the other hand is not specific to a certain field. One need to learn and be a master in a study stream to be a teacher. It is understandable that students are more attracted towards money and hence they lack interest in the teaching field. But schools need to open all the doors for the students and make them choose their own choice. Thus, schools need to give both the learning and teaching to the students.
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  • RE: What should schools impart – learning or teaching? -arun kumar (09/16/14)
  • teachers should make the dull students into a bright one by using the shortcuts they learnt .
    but nowadays they are giving their supports to bright students .. then what about the other students ??