What was your biggest mistake?

What was your biggest mistake?

There’s nothing wrong in admitting a mistake. A human being is bound to commit mistakes. This time it is advantageous to go back as far as possible in the past and find an answer.

The advantage of doing this is that a youngster is expected to commit more mistakes than a mature and seasoned person. This would give an impression that since that time you have committed mistakes but not that big.

Take the word “mistake” as liberally as possible and go back to your student life to answer this question. Probably you can say, if I could go back to my student life, I would have studied Biology instead of Math.
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  • RE: What was your biggest mistake? -Farhana Afreen (09/22/15)
  • It is human to make mistakes but it takes and ingenuous human to accept mistakes and learn from them. All they want to know is whether you are capable of admitting your mistakes and improvising accordingly. The tricks to answering this question are simple. Chose a situation when your mistake was big but you acknowledged it and went on to improvise from it. Here are a few things to keep in mind while answering this question:

    1. The mistake you are describing need not be very big, or a one which involved bigger loss for the company.

    2. Lay emphasis on the fact that you did not run from it and took the responsibility of putting things in their place.

    3. It should end in good notes - the problem which your mistake created should be solved with your contribution to it.

    4. The story has to have a moral. Mention that you learnt from your mistake and that you have always taken care of never repeating them.

    5. If you are adding facts and figures in your situation, be accurate and if you cannot, then simply avoid them. Getting the facts wrong, which they could easily discover, can be a mistake in itself