What would you do to resolve the conflict?

If you think a work should be done in a particular way while the other person thinks that it should be done the other way, what would you do to resolve the conflict?

No doubt there can be different approaches to do a work. It is more important that you evaluate each of them and take the right one. So, if you are faced with this question, you can say something like, I understand that there could be more than one approached to do a thing. If I am faced with a situation as quoted by you, I'll evaluate both solutions and take up the one which is right and will get results faster.

The purpose here is to check your level of acceptance and adamancy.
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  • RE: What would you do to resolve the conflict? -Farhana Afreen (09/22/15)
  • You can say that you are a person who would always try to avoid conflicts by keeping things transparent at work but since sometimes conflicts are inevitable, you would definitely look at it from the point of ending it on a positive note. If you see a conflict brewing up, you would take immediate action to confront those involved to avoid it from growing up and spoiling relations at work. You can add that you will always be the first to bring up the issue and ask the people involved directly rather than hear it from indirect sources. A number of conflicts arise from lack of conversation and misunderstanding created through third person involvement.

    When you are trying to resolve a conflict, you would rather want to do it over a private meet than on phone calls and emails. You could invite the person for a coffee in the office cafeteria mentioning politely that you both need to talk. You would lay down your point of view and ask the other person to do the same. Be a good listener, appreciate the other person's point of view and apologize if needed. Half of a conflict is solved when one is ready to accept their mistakes and willing to change for good. If you want certain things to be taken care of from that person, mention it politely in a requesting way. Do not thrust the person with commands on what he must do or mustn't do. Show that your objective is to resolve the conflict and that you are willing to negotiate the terms and not show him down. If required, you can get someone to mediate in the meet up, a person who is wise enough to not worsen the conflict.