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What’s a microprocessor?

To put it simply, a microprocessor is a computer. Its an IC (integrated circuit), and acts as the central computing/processing unit of any system. It works on the input in the way required by the user, as he programs it (the program is stored in the memory of the processor), and gives the output/result one is looking for.

-Initially, computers were designed with a large number of transistors soldered on the circuit board with lots of visible logic gates. Basically, it was too big and hence, the signals had to travel long distances resulting overheating, and largely restricted the speed of the computer. The new and small IC, act as microprocessors and help the computer to process at speeds greater by far!

-The first few microprocessors were calculators, and they came out in 1970s.

-Eg : intel 4004, TMS 1000, and the more current microprocessor ATmega 8/16/32
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