What’s better - A traditional Bachelor’s degree or a professional course at UG level?

What’s better - A traditional Bachelor’s degree or a professional course at UG level?

Once a student is out of school, he/ she finds himself/ herself at a crossroad of careers wanting them to decide the course they would take up at under graduate level. With a plethora of professional and academic UG courses available these days, the decision making becomes all the more difficult. Some people feel it is best to get into a professional course while others think that a traditional degree would polish the knowledge in all the basic fields. Each set of people has its own arguments. Let us see what they have got to say:

Professional degree gives your career a quick start

- A professional course provides a student detailed knowledge about his area of interest and helps him build a strong foundation for the career he wants to pursue.
- If you have already decided the area of your interest, studying wide range of topics will be useless as you won’t be using them in your real life. Studying them is a wastage of time.
- A professional course gives the students a clear idea about the expectations of the industry. A professional course would produce a specialised market-valued fresher.
- Students pursuing professional UG courses with some diploma or certificate course stand a better chance of getting into the PG courses of their choice.

Traditional bachelor degree widens your scope and knowledge

- The traditional bachelor degree needs the students to study a wide variety of topics which are useful not just in professional life but are also useful in personal life. They enable a person to think from different perspectives.
- The scope for a student in PG courses is wider if he passes out his graduation with a traditional degree.
- People usually choose between traditional and specialised courses with money as their yardstick. In a hurry to start earning quickly, they take up professional courses but an early bird need not necessarily fare well in career. There exists a difference between quick earning and good earning.
- The choice of course should be based on interest in a particular subject and not its earning potential.
- Rather than wanting to start earning right after UG, the students should aim to specialise in their PG and take up some paid internships which will further increase their value in the market.

Although the Indian mentality leans towards how quickly can money be made while selecting the course to be pursued - the choice of course to pursue is personal depending on the long term goals, interest, potential, time factor and financial resources.
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