Which colour of light will be emitted when the flow of dc current is in opposite direction?

Which colour of light will have maximum possibility of emission when the flow of dc current is in opposite direction especially in case of tri-color blinking multicoloured LEDs ?


a. Red
b. Blue
c. Green
d. Yellow

Correct Answer:c. Green


Multicolored LEDs are the form of blinking LEDs that mainly comprise two or three color LEDs. Tri-color LEDs resemble to an ordiunary LED but it undergoes the emission of light in specifically red, green and yellow light depending on the type of operating stipulation. Tri-color LEDs consists of two leads which functionally act as anode and cathode respectively.

Indication of Different Light Colors Emission  for Different Operations in  Tri-color LEDs

Whenever the flow of DC current is unidirectional, then LED emits red light but as soon as the direction of DC current flow changes in opposite direction, emission of green light is lucidly visible. Apart from these conditions, LED qalso exhibit yellow color in correspondence to AC current.
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