Which courses can I take to become a professional dancer?

To become a professional dancer, do I need to find a full-time school?

Yes. It is recommended to go to full-time school to become a professional dancer. Also the choice of school and teacher is particularly very important. Like any other academic or philosophical school the dancing school have lot to teach. The graduated dancers not only give you the idea of school functions but will show different qualities the school emphasis on the training. The fine dancers are also the inspiration to the other new dancers in the classes.

What are various professional courses I can pursue in dancing?

After 10+2 and acquiring basic knowledge of the different forms of dance forms you can go for certified undergraduate or diploma courses offered by various institutes. However, the choice of dance form completely depends upon your liking and taste. The courses offered in dance field include:
1) Certified courses
2) Bachelor courses
3) Diploma and Post graduate courses

However, to have a career in dance it is better to start an informal training at early age of 5-6 yrs. Because by the time you will 15-17yrs and complete 10/+2 you can join professional course and expertise in the field.

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